We believe that interior design has a monumental impact on your life, and the way you chose to live it. There's no limit to the size of projects we take on, and it doesn't matter where you are - we do virtual design, DIY packages, and full-service in-person design.


Sage Interieur is a design firm founded by first-generation sisters, Alice & Anna Moszczynski, who are forever creating, learning, and brimming with innovation. We are the confidantes to your design needs, elevating your personal style and taste to reflect your passions.



CEO & Principal Designer

Designers and architects have a responsibility to help create a sustainable future and leave places in a better form than when they found them. Through Sage, Alice aims to create spaces that change her clients lives for the best; by allowing their surroundings to be transformed to their maximum functional, & aesthetic potential. She pulls inspiration from her range of experience in the commercial and residential sphere resulting in a well layered, thought out and distinguished interior.

Prior to launching Sage, Alice worked in New York for acclaimed architects and designers including Groves & Co, Thom Filicia and Sandra Nunnerley. She has completed and managed several projects across the country, some of which have been featured in publications such as Architectural Digest, Elle Decor and 1st Dibs.

Alice holds a degree in Interior Architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design. 


Chief Operating Officer

Utilizing years of experience in fashion project management and wellness marketing, Anna is known for her innate ability to understand clients’ needs, and translate them into a seamless and enjoyable design journey in line with her sister's vision. Anna's management process centers around the client's every need, creating a symbiotic connection between client and designer. She is inspired by her surroundings, travels, and past experiences. As someone who knows how impactful creating a space for yourself can be, Anna harnesses her pathos to invest in her clients and ensure they are seen and heard. She believes that designing a new space is mentally, emotionally, and spiritually lifting, and uses her sage wisdom to help guide clients to find euphoria in the journey.

Prior to Sage, Anna worked in New York for the iconic Ralph Lauren Co. She has completed and managed several projects in the scope of retail and merchandising and marketing.

Anna holds a degree from Syracuse University.


Please reach out to learn more. We're excited to work with you!

Sage Interieur
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